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Lifeguard Certification from Safety Training Pros

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Get your Lifeguard Certification from Safety Training Pros in just 2 days! Our new accelerate blended learning Lifeguard Program allows you to start your training right away, at your convenience, from any computer. After you register and pay for your class, you can access the American Red Cross Lifeguard Manual and begin reading right away. A few weeks before your class, you will also receive access to your online training. This training is interactive and includes videos, and scenarios. You’ll finish both these tasks prior to your in-person training with your instructor.

By completing the online program pre-work, you will maximize your classroom time for hands-on CPR/AED & First Aid skill practice and water rescue skills. Our students tell us again and again how much FUN the class is and how they love to work together as a lifeguard team to practice patient care and rescue scenarios.

In this training, you’ll learn the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies. Through videos, group discussion and hands-on practice, you’ll learn patron rescue and surveillance skills, land and water rescue skills, as well as first aid and CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers.

Class Prerequisites: Must be at least 15 years old and pass certain swimming requirements: 300-yd continuous swim using only front crawl (freestyle) and breaststroke. 2 minute tread using only your legs. Timed event – swim and retrieve a 10-pound object from a depth of 7-10 feet. Return to the surface with object and exit the pool without the use of ladder or stairs. Successful completion of the course includes a 2 year American Red Cross Lifeguard/CPR/AED & First Aid certificate.

Onsite group training is available.

Basic Water Rescue – 3.0 Hour Course

American Red Cross Basic Water Rescue certification meets the State of California’s water safety certification requirement for foster care and adoptive parents. Basic Water Rescue provides participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies. It also prepares participants for aquatic emergencies by teaching them how to protect themselves while assisting others. Basic Water Rescue does not provide participants with all the knowledge and skills needed to be certified as a lifeguard. Basic Water Rescue is intended for public safety personnel, camp personnel and day trip leaders, daycare workers, school teachers, aquatic fitness instructors, aquatic therapists, anyone involved in aquatic activities and others who work around water.

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