About Safety Training Pros

About Safety Training Pros –Safety Training Pros CPR, AED, First Aid, Basic Water Rescue, Lifeguard, Wilderness, Healthcare Provider, BLS, Professional Rescuer, California Child Care, Emergency Medical Responder, Title 22, Health and Safety

Safety Training Pros is the premier safety training experts for individuals, groups, businesses, and government agencies in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

We provide professional training with high quality safety training materials in an engaging atmosphere so our clients have the life saving skills and knowledge that they need in an emergency.

Our training experts equip clients to meet job requirements, health & safety standards, OSHA compliance, emergency preparedness & for the safety of their family and community. We give them the personal attention they deserve, a class environment that is interactive, hands-on, and fun so that they can earn their certification in no time.

All Safety Training Pros clients share common needs. They must meet safety standards, OSHA compliance, legal requirements, insurance, etc. They are short on time, they have limited budgets, and they learn best when actively engaged. We instill in every student the skills and confidence to be effective in an emergency and ensure that they are highly satisfied when they complete their training experience.

Safety Training Pros accommodates a wide variety of class sizes from individual to consolidated inter-agency government training groups.  We follow the American Red Cross and American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) recommendations for instructor to student ratios, and our average class sizes ensure that our clients receive the one-on-one training required to maximize their skillset.

As a Licensed Training Partner of the American Red Cross and HSI, the leading providers of health and safety training, we can easily and efficiently provide the quality professional training required by all our customers. By making our courses easy and convenient, and focusing on a fun learning environment, we are able to provide responsive, accessible and high-quality health and safety services, education and training in a professional manner.

As of 2020 Safety Training Pros acquired Foster Calm Wilderness & Leadership Training to expand our Wilderness First Aid, and Wilderness First Responder programs.

The Foster Calm program is well organized, informative and fun, from beginning to end. It’s impactful, empowering, and hands on, the best way to learn – by doing. The Foster Calm Wilderness Training model is a highly regarded learning experience, with an emphasis on scenario based training. We will continue to offer this format with periodic updates, incorporating the latest science.

Safety Training Pros and Foster Calm Wilderness Training look forward to serving you and your organization with an expanded portfolio of emergency training, superb first aid supplies, and AED Sales & Service.

Our commitment allows us to fulfill our mission of helping people lead safer and healthier lives.

About Our Founder –

Safety Training Pros Expert Katryna Anderson

Katryna Anderson, Safety Training Pros

Safety Training Pros is the brainchild of the founder, Katryna Anderson, who has been a First Responder for over 20 years and is an EMT. She has also worked with many emergency organizations including the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team, Search & Rescue, Drowning Accident Rescue Team (DART), Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), as well as local police, fire, ambulance and EMS teams.

Katryna has taught for over 15 years, has trained thousands of students, and currently teaches over 60 different classes! She began teaching as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Rescue Diver. She is known to give engaging presentations and to challenge those students who have a desire to learn more. She is a highly rated Instructor Trainer for both the American Red Cross and the Health & Safety Institute.

As owner of Safety Training Pros, Katryna is passionate about ensuring the delivery of the best safety presentations to every student. She is committed to fun, high quality learning experiences. She works closely with her staff to ensure each student gets the attention they deserve and that all customers are highly satisfied with their training experience.

Our Certified Instructors

Safety Training Pros offers highly trained instructors who are often experienced healthcare providers and First Responders such as EMT, Firefighters, and Medical Professionals. Our instructors are hand picked based on their knowledge, teaching ability, industry expertise, experience, and customer service skills.  They have years of experience in their fields of expertise.

The safety training industry is littered with substandard volunteer instructors who inconvenience clients by not showing up for scheduled classes or rescheduling at the last moment. At Safety Training Pros every single instructor is a highly trained professional, committed to following through every assignment with the highest quality possible. We encourage our clients to provide us direct feedback and we use these honest appraisals to continually improve our operations. Our clients always give us the highest marks possible. Click here to see for yourself what they have to say about Safety Training Pros.

Why Choose Us?

  • Award winning organization
  • High quality, widely recognized and accepted American Red Cross and Health & Safety Institute certifications.
  • Your training is: Fun, Fast, & Easy!
  • Flexible course schedule, days, nights, weekdays/weekends.
  • Course delivery options – onsite, offsite, or blended learning.
  • Top rated company, instructors.
  • Our teaching methodology encourages questions, provides a positive environment, and gives individual attention. We help you understanding the ‘whys’ of your training, and we’ll build your confidence so you can be an effective responder every time.
  • Highest overall value – professional, competitive rates, top quality!
  • Top-of-the-line training equipment; our Laerdal manikins and other professional teaching aids provide the most realistic training experience possible.