CPR, AED & First Aid for Individuals

Do you know what to do in a cardiac, breathing or first aid emergency? The right answer could save a life.

When Every Second Counts, Your Training MATTERS!

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Why Should I Get Training?

Medical emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere, to anyone. Would you know the signs and treatment of a heart attack? Do you know how to tell if your spouse may be having a stroke? Do you know what to do if an elderly parent falls? Or what to do for your child in a choking emergency?

Basic First Aid and CPR skills are a necessity not just for yourself and the preservation of your family members but also for your neighbors, friends, members of your church, and community.

Who Else Should Get Training?

All Family Members over the age of 10 and including – Caregivers, Babysitters, Sports Coaches, Foster/Adoptive Parents, Teachers, Preschools & Day Care Centers, Bus Drivers, Assisted Living, Church Members, Homeowner and Community Members, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Fitness Professionals, Massage Therapists, Lifeguards, Dental Hygienist, Security Professionals – just to name a few!

Safety Training Pros provides the highest quality safety training programs. Our programs meet current CPR and ECC Guidelines. All course options align with OSHA’s Best Practices for First Aid Training Programs.

Proper first aid training is a vital component to the health of your family and community.

What Does It EntailSport Safety, Coaches, Coach First Aid?

Safety Training Pros gives you a fun, engaging, visually based learning environment that teaches you the critical skills needed to respond to and manage life-threatening emergencies.

Our instructors conduct professional training presentations in a positive, supportive environment. Classes are conducted in a way to maximize the engagement of the learner and to make the training time pass quickly and effortlessly. Training courses combine lecture, video demonstrations, and realistic hands-on scenario based training.

Most important of all, we teach every student what to do in the first few minutes until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives.

The skills you learn may serve you a lifetime. Most certifications are valid for two years.


Which Training Can Best Meet My Needs?CPR, AED, First Aid Sports

By far, the two most popular classes are the Adult, Child, & Infant CPR/AED & First Aid class, or the Adult CPR/AED & First Aid class. Skills for Adults include those 12 years and older, Child is 1 to 12 years old, and Infant includes those less than 1 years old.

Students learn the vital life savings skills of CPR & the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) as well as how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies, scene assessment and safety, protective equipment, checking an unconscious person, shock, & choking.

In First Aid you learn crucial information on how to save a life: checking a conscious person, bleeding, wounds, burns, muscle, bone & joint injuries, and head, neck & back injuries.

First Aid also teaches appropriate care for sudden illnesses such as seizures, fainting, stroke, diabetic emergency, asthma, allergic reaction, poisoning, heat and cold emergencies, and bites & stings.

Here are some other class combinations to consider; Adult Only CPR/AED, First Aid Health & Safety for Coaches, First Aid for School Bus Drivers, California State Licensed Child Care Provider CPR & First Aid, California Child Care: Preventative Health & Safety for Child Care Providers, Asthma & Anaphylaxis Treatment, Babysitter’s Training, Bloodborne Pathogens, Wilderness & Remote First Aid, Basic Water Rescue, Lifeguard, and Emergency Medical Responder.

Click here to see a full list of class offerings. Call us today to get started at 916-538-6447 and one of our training professionals will help you determine the best training option for you.

Why Safety Training Pros?

Safety Training Pros offers complete, flexible programs that prepares you & your family for life-threatening situations and medical emergencies. Call us now or contact us online here for more information, a custom quote, or to sign up for training right now. Click here to see what our customers say about us!

What Are My Options?

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  1. Get certified! For responders without previous certification or if their certification has lapsed, an initial class session is appropriate. Current or previous certification is not required.
  2. For currently certified responders, a review class will renew your certification in an abbreviated class session. A Review course will save you time and money. Current certification is required.
  3. For experts, the challenge option allows you to prepare on you own and then demonstrate skill competency with a Safety Training Pro instructor. Current certification is not required but mastery is.

Which Training Certificates Should We Choose – American Red Cross (ARC) or American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)?

Both training programs incorporate the latest science and are widely accepted. The classes, training materials, and course length times are similar. ASHI courses are slightly shorter and less expensive. There are a wider variety of Red Cross course offerings and greater brand recognition. Consult with an expert at Safety Training Pros to find the right course for you.