Halloween Safety Tips for You and Your Goblins

With Halloween only days away, here are some Ghoulishly good tips to keep everyone safe both on and off the road.

  1. Walk Safely: Always look left, right and left again when crossing. Make sure you walk on sidewalks or paths.

2.  Trick-or-Treat with an Adult:  A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children on the neighborhood rounds.

3.  Have creative and safe costumes:  When selecting a costume, make sure it is the right size to prevent trips and falls. Also, have your children try on their costumes to make sure they are comfortable and it is easy to move around in.

4.   Drive extra carefully:  Popular trick-or-treating hours are 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. so be especially alert for kids during those hours. According to safekids.org, you should slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods. Children are excited on Halloween and may move in unpredictable ways.

5.   Check all candy: The National Safety Council states that you should tell your children not to eat any treats until they return home. Just remember, “When in doubt, Throw it out!”

Stay Safe and Have a Spooktacular Holiday!


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