Foster Calm℠ Wilderness Training


In 2020, Safety Training Pros acquired Foster Calm Wilderness Training and we are pleased to offer you the same high quality Wilderness First Aid and First Responder classes.

Classes are fun with lots of hands-on skills practice. The emphasis is on making good decisions by staying calm and safe, doing a good patient assessment, and having good communication and leadership. Join our classes, where it is safe to learn, and OK to make mistakes.

Wilderness First Aid – 16 hours

This two-day introductory Wilderness First Aid course teaches participants the assessment of, and treatment given to an ill or injured person in the backcountry. In this type of setting, access to definitive care such as a hospital or clinic, as well as emergency transport may delayed for hours or even days. Course participants will learn how to assess, treat, and when possible, prevent medical and traumatic emergencies within the scope of their training.

In addition to a half day of outdoor scenario practice of first aid and leadership skills, this class focuses on practicing skills and covers: patient assessment, shock and bleeding, head and spinal injuries, wounds, musculoskeletal injuries, heat and cold illnesses and much more. Successful completion of class includes a 3 year Wilderness First Aid certificate.

NASAR or HSI Wilderness First Aid card is available (for Boy Scout Leaders or SAR team members) if needed. Contact us for details.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid – 40 hours

Want more practice and skills but just cannot take the time for a 72-80 hour class? This is a perfect option. 5 days focused on wilderness first aid skills for those who lead or individuals who adventure in the backcountry. This class is for those who do not need a Wilderness First Responder but want more than can be offered in a 2 day wilderness first aid class. More scenarios, skills and leadership practice. This class can also serve as a WFR Recert.  Successful completion of class includes a 3 year Wilderness Advanced First Aid and a 2 year Adult and Child CPR/AED certificates.

Wilderness First Responder – 80 hours

Wilderness First Responder is an intensive 80 hour course specifically designed for outdoor educators, adventure guides, Search and Rescue professionals, as well as others who are in a position of leadership in an outdoor setting, or individuals who want a higher level of emergency medical training due to extended backcountry trips or expeditions.

This course is typically 10 consecutive days. This format offers a comprehensive look at not only properly identifying and managing life-threatening injuries and illnesses that could appear in a wilderness setting (more than 60 minutes away from definitive care), but also incorporates a lot of hands-on skill practice, case studies, practical scenarios, evacuation planning and procedures, and other aspects of long term patient care involving wilderness context and situational awareness.

This longer class covers more than the core topics in the Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness Advanced First Aid classes. But the key difference after this class is your confidence. You will have practiced and practiced and practiced. This class usually has 3 full days of outdoor scenarios in addition to mini scenarios and skills practices every session. Successful completion of class includes a 3 year Wilderness First Responder and a 2 year CPR for the Professional Rescuer certificates.

NASAR or HSI Wilderness First Responder card is available (SAR team members) if needed. Contact us for details.

Wilderness First Responder Recertification/Refresher Hybrid – 16 hours

This class is for Wilderness First Responders who need to re-certify or wish to refresh their skills. We will review the WFR topics and skills, update your skills and knowledge to current standards, and practice, practice, practice. Hybrid format will involve pre-class reading, online Patient Assessments, and written tests. Wilderness First Responder certification is available upon successful completion of the class.
Pre-requisites: WFR card from less than 4 years ago.

Individuals can click HERE for information on classes they can join.

Customized classes are also available.